Services and Activities

Our main activities include Market entry strategies, Distribution, Agency arrangements, promotion and branding, thus by offering a high quality, one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs. Depending upon your requirements we can either take-up a complete package or offer need based services.

Marketing Strategies

  • Assist in formulating appropriate market entry strategy.
  • Market Survey in India and other countries.
  • Provide information on suitability of the products and services and suggest improvements.
  • Assistance for pricing
  • Information about competitors and their strategies.
  • Identify target customers, create interest and generate enquiries
  • Establish contact with prospective customers.
  • Submit offers, follow-ups, negotiates and conclude business deals.
  • Assistance to participate in Government and Private sector tenders.
  • Identify, evaluate and appoint suitable stockists, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, franchisees, agents and representatives.
  • Provide periodical information on specific industry /segment

Promotional Strategies

  • Regularly send introduction and other promotion materials to target customers.
  • Visit and participate in exhibitions, conferences and B2B meets.
  • Develop and renew business contacts.
  • Arrange business meetings for visiting executives.
  • Assist to design and develop brochures, website and other promotional materials.
  • Assistance for distribution and warehousing.
  • Coordinate and monitor the activities of stockists, dealers, representatives, agents and franchisees

Branding Strategies

  • Assistance and guidance to build brand effectively.
  • Assistance for developing a suitable packaging design and material.
  • Assistance in product development and modification to suit the market requirement.
  • Create greater awareness and increase the visibility of the products and services
  • Assistance to identify and advertise in leading News papers and Magazines.
  • Participation in conferences/seminars

For companies

Services and assistance to enter into Indian Market and establish business activities other than Marketing, Promotional and Branding strategies.

  • Identify Technology transfers and joint ventures opportunities
  • Logistic support for your Exports / Imports activities
  • identify suppliers of raw materials, products and components
  • Identify service providers and project contractors in India
  • Identify contract manufacturing companies in India for tie-ups.
  • Assistance to identify Strategic alliances partners